The Beautiful Transformation of a Yio Chu Kang Condo

A short walk away from the long queues at the famous Chomp Chomp makan places sits Parkwood Residences, a luxurious condo with beautiful unblocked views of the surrounding landed homes. Today, join us and see the transformation of a new 3 bedder condo and learn how our stucco paints are applied by our craftsmen (and perhaps pick up a few trade secrets too).

We were approached by the homeowner after their ID completed the carpentry in the living areas and bedrooms. The young couple wanted a modern minimalist look and feel to their home, but didn’t want plain walls as that would make it too sterile.

Their ID initially recommended them to go with textured wallpaper, as that would be an affordable option. However, as the homeowners were worried about the humidity in Singapore, they searched for a longer lasting option that was still wallet-friendly.

That brought them to us. After a consultation with the homeowners and their ID, they agreed upon a colour and design for the pattern. Once their carpentry and electrical works were done, we went in to apply multiple layers of the stucco plaster paint over the course of two days.

The first step is to protect the entire home with paint protection sheets. This included not only the windows, doors, air-conditioning units, but also the built-in carpentry and all the minor things like sockets and power plugs.

Once that was done, our craftsmen worked on the surface prep for the walls, covering any cracks, as well as sanding away excess plaster or paint that was already on the walls.

The next step: PAINTING TIME!

Completed kitchen in different lighting condition:

Here’s the kitchen from different angles.

Some more hard work by our talented artisans:

Literally neck breaking work. Watching them working on the ceiling gave me a neckache, and I only did that for a short amount of time. These guys do it day in and day out. Kudos to them!

Living Room

Master Bedroom

While it was hard to capture the look of the finished product from the lens of a camera, the results look awesome in person. As our homeowners had the stucco paint for almost every wall in their home, we didn’t want to do something that is too eye-catching. That’s all fine and well for a single feature wall in the home, but when you do it on every room, you need something a bit more subtle or it might overwhelm the homeowners.

The homeowners were pleased with the end results when we handed over the project to them.

So, if you’re looking for an equally interesting transformation for your own home, give us a holler and we’ll happily guide you on your own journey

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